This week end atom, lynda and more

Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.19.15 Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.19.06

This week end I found out that linkedIn acquired lynda last Arpil and they gave me a free 1 week of all of sudden and I’m enjoying it.

I used videos in the very early stage of my career and I don’t remember why I stopped following them. most commonly they don’t update their content in the very fast rate we usually deal with in real business but it remains a nice quick (not deep) place to start if you are getting to know a new technology or tool.

I found out intel coverage for OpenStack Paris Summit in PDF with couple of  photos of me while the stack runner competition.

I’m also playing with atom the github editor which was release 1.0 about couple of days ago

It has some great features and lots of great packages.Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.27.37 Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.28.11 Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.29.28 Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.31.01 And I think it kills sublime text in Arabic and bidirectional text.

Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.41.57Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.41.47I may cover developer tools of atom in another post but to summarize you can change it a lot in very easy steps.

That’s all for now folks.

Ramadan Kareem.


My First PHP MVC framework from Google Code to github

I was hosting my MVC PHP framework Seven12 and I knew that google code is no more hosting projects and I decided to migrate my code to github and I was amazed by this button (Export to Github) and instantly I authorized it to migrate the project and now it lives in

What’s nice wasn’t the SVN > github Migration the nice thing was it automatically detected that Maher Saif worked in that project and he has github account and he linked his commits to him.
He also maintained the history of commit  (dates and messages).

Screenshot 2015-06-09 13.08.26

It’s very embarrassing though that I wasn’t very good at SVN back then and I (committed) all at once in the very beginning of the project.

Screenshot 2015-06-09 13.08.57

Screenshot 2015-06-09 13.08.39

and sometimes without commit message or with dummy commit message.


Python/PHP with ZK fingerprint attendance machines


If you are developing for Linux environment and If you have a task related to pulling data from a zk fingerprint attendance machine / biometric device the hair pulling phase may start 1 hour – 3 hours of hopeless search.

Downloading windows SDK and reverse engineering them isn’t the solution. wireshark isn’t the solution and connecting the the shared .mdb file isn’t also a solution the right solution is to connect to the machine using UDP port 4370.

0- Backup your attendance machine data.(You may use zktimes for this step.)

1- clone this repo:

For Python: [email protected]:dnaextrim/python_zklib.git

For PHP:

2- Login to the attendance machine as admin

and set the communication key (aka communication password to 0 or empty).

3- Set the IP address to some IP (say this is the default one.

4-Connect the attendance machine to the network (ethernet most commonly)

5-Change IP:

zk = zklib.ZKLib(“”, 4370)

6- Comment this (dangerous line that clears admin):

print Pesan Clear Admin:, zk.clearAdmin()

Now, try to run the script with the machine connected to your local network.


I’ve just saved your life.

Check the file capability it should be very easy for any python programmer from here on.

Note: you may find very strange messages like “Pesan Koneksi” or use my safe English translated fork.


odoo on docker


If you are on any linux distro and you want to play with odoo on docker and if you have docker installed you are 2 command away.

docker run -d -e POSTGRES_USER=odoo -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=odoo --name db postgres
docker run -p --name odoo --link db:db -t odoo

First command will pull and run the docker image postgres under the name “db”

The second command will pull and run the docker image odoo under the name odoo and will launch it to listen to port 8069 and forward it to you (the host) as the same port (8069) and finally will link it to the already runny “db” instance.

If you mac or windows the you will use boot2docker

docker run -d -e POSTGRES_USER=odoo -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=odoo --name db postgres
docker run -p --name odoo --link db:db -t odoo

Then do port forwarding from machine > settings > network

forward the boot2docker vm port 8069 to your local 8069
Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Now restart the power off the machine and start boot2docker again.
When you are done do the following command:
docker start db odoo


docker run -v /path/to/addons:/mnt/extra-addons -p --name odoo --link db:db -t odoo

If you are linux and you want to mount your local addons folder to the docker image.


Enjoy !

10 years of CAT

I can’t believe It’s 10 years of CATReloaded. Huge achievement that worth stopping and studying how a tech community started that small @ nowhere succeed that much ?

Anyway. I’ll be speaker in scope 14 On April 18th 2015 isA
My session will be “How to Fail Fast” shocking name however tech geeks will know what I’m talking about hopefully young engineers of CAT will enjoy it.

AlSayed Gamal Scope 14

If you can be in Mansoura around that date [ April 18-20th 2015 ] I hope to see you there.

Here’s the Facebook event:


I’ve been posting my presentations on slideshare for a while and lately I found out that I didn’t post presentations for long time so take a look at them and tell me what do you think ?


If you think my presentations are kool ? Suggest me a topic to do a presentation about.