I learned these 3 lessons the hard way. I hope you don’t.

I learned the following lessons the hard way and I believe -despite being very obvious- most of teams tend to ignore these hints specially teams with low resources / capacity.1. Always keep an alert on your cloud provider bill. You will be one day senior enough that you will be trusted for your team’s / […]

Designing Fine-grained systems – part1

Hi this is to start a new series of posts about microservices architecture, it’s going to be mainly in the format of Q/A. In this post. What’s the Microservices architecture ? What are the patterns of Microservices architecture? What are the benefits of Microservices architecture ? Q:What’s the Microservices architecture ? A: There’s no specific […]

LinkedIn vs. XING [linkout gem]

I have to admit. I always didn’t like linkedIn, very bad UX and UI and features aren’t aligned enough to convince me that I should stay more than 5 minutes browsing it not to mention the absolute clutter at it’s news feed and how non-sense is it to follow and watch completely irrelevant posts and […]

Updates: left vision, joining MC and more..

life += Challenge.toOpportunity() After business and ownership problems in Vision advanced systems the whole development team was aggressively and suddenly laid off and being the head of development I got laid off too. A group of talented people managed to see that challenge as an opportunity to a new thing. This is how a new […]