13 months of MC

It has been 13 months since I first joined MC.

I started as 13 months ago and I’m still as excited as I first joined I’m doing different things here and there and I’m now responsible for a team of 5 besides my work.

Very recently I managed to pull of a face lift for couple of our main money generating components and managed to reduce performance of both apps dramatically, unfortunately I won’t be able to share details more than having this ¬†Selection_002change on some major app for 3 weeks in a row and that was¬†around 300% decrease in page load time.

I was happy 1 year ago and I’m still. this is what matters after all.

Technically the major updates was taking ECMA Script and Design more seriously (Weird mix) but this is reality.

Since I’m taking architecture more serious now (both application and system architecture), I’m willing to post and talk more frequently about design in the following posts.

See you soon.

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