Lifelong Learning

Life isn’t always fair

It’s been very interesting quarter in MC and I believe I was doing good I received a raise and it feels great when I get a raise specially when it’s related to being high performance, I also (very recently) started learning “Machine Learning” and studying “Scala” more regularly.

On my personal life side, It’s been generally a happy quarter specially the end, since I’m getting to gym more regular and I visited  Sharm AlSheikh and Dahab(for the first time with my small family), did snorkeling in the most dangerous diving spots in the world (The Blue Hole).

However said, I believe things in my house isn’t as organised as in my work, my dear wife Reem is a new mother and she is new to feeding and raising Yahia while keeping up with house keeping tasks; Yahia is very demanding baby and keeping up with him is very hard task. I believe she won’t be able to get it right anytime soon. Good news is that she is constantly searching, acquiring help from her available resources, Learning and she is making some progress.

I’m constantly trying to develop a language using which she will get my comments and advices on how she should do her job right without feeling any criticism from my side. (Reality is I’m a critical person) but I’m constantly working on this.

The only disappointing part is that we are having a lot of fights on:
– Which source of information is valid enough ?(Should we seek help only from social media, medical websites and videos or should we see a doctor/physician/family mentor?).
– She is constantly feeling that I’m blaming her or underestimating he work every time I’m trying to advise her.

Reem is very knowledgable person who has her own beliefs and sources of truth and reaching a solid decision on how we should raise Yahia must be  a couple decision.

I believe the only way to do it is to believe that we have to keep learning for our lifelong.

Hopefully, we -one day- will get it right for the love of Yahia and our small home.


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