This part of my life is called POC

It has been very long time since I posted anything here and here we go a quick list of updates:
1- Still enjoying my time in MC.
2- I’m doing huge changes in my life I’m learning new technologies, adding new habits to my life and applying a very agile methodology on my life development.
3- Yahia is consuming a huge part of my resources yet I can’t love him more (A completely new type of LOVE).

POC (proof of concept), If I can have a slogan for this period of my life I’d have the slogan POC everything.

It turned out that I’m talented when it comes to developing POCs and POCs aren’t only technical small software to prove some concept, it turned out that I can apply this on my personal life.

Recently, I was concerned about these questions How can I earn money while sleeping ?,  What skills and technologies can I add to my Arsenal ? and Is there a silver bullet for my life problems?

I believe in the sliver bullet concept (not in the silver bullet itself), That’s why I’m thinking of giving course(s) online on udemy.
Courses will be related to topics like: python, django, rails, node-js, angular-js and git.

I’ll make sure that my understanding for these topics isn’t only about using them but sharp enough to teach them.(I’ve done that before with PHP and MySQL), I’ll also make some money while sleeping, And yes, this is supposed to be a sliver bullet.

Guess what? It can have a POC I’ll start with very small course about ruby on rails and later on I’ll evaluate based on feedback.

Stay tuned.

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