3 Months of MC

It has been three months of MC.

It has been very exciting time that I almost contributed to all projects, made my own and even practiced the role of scrum master in a start up that strongly believe in Agile development. In the following lines I will briefly describe my journey.

1- Moustafa our CEO, the very first thing to notice about MC is Moustafat.

Moustafa is innovative, passionate Engineer who is taking a business very serious. He inspires everyone around him, motivates them and simple get the best out of everyone/everything.

He understands the business problem and the techenical challenges and this exactly what makes him a perfect CEO msA.

2- The team, MC has a great team of young yet talented group of people who share a lot of interest and background yet have different approaches to solving our problems. What I really like is how truly (code wins arguments) is happening in MC we regularly benchmark and POC the tools we use and that’s how we use to resolve conflicts that’s why even if we landed a bad choice it’s nothing attached to anyone it’s all a technical decision.

3-Advisors, MC has set of business and technical advisors all have very long experience in business and technology adding up their experience MC becomes a very old wise man as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo.

4- Environment, this one requires a separate post but briefly I can say that I just feel home  @ office that I go home (the actual one) late so many times. The other good thing is it’s constantly improving.

New office is ~ 6 miles from home and in a very cool yet active place I Maadi St 9.

That’s it for now.

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