Updates: left vision, joining MC and more..

life += Challenge.toOpportunity()

After business and ownership problems in Vision advanced systems the whole development team was aggressively and suddenly laid off and being the head of development I got laid off too.

A group of talented people managed to see that challenge as an opportunity to a new thing. This is how a new start-up called mussder (Arabic word مصدر means source) is something big in the making isA.

Last week only we managed to get our legal shit together, our stamp on our very first direct customer invoice paid and an almost full furnished office.

Career.append(“MENA Commerce”)

Starting Nov. 2015 I’ll be isA part of the great start-up MENA Commerce (MC).

Before landing this job I went through a very harsh selection process for different employees and even harsher problem selecting my next step I had the chance to get offers from almost all my favorite corporates and start-ups in Egypt and I had to develop and update a selection function based on which I had to go with MC offer.

The selection function isn’t new to me however I made huge change to it based on my experiment in vision and I’m very excited to see if it works or not.

Going down the chain

I decided to go down the chain in order to enhance my development skills and my next position is Senior Software Engineer.

Training is learning

After the rails course I released that I want to give courses more to sharpen my skills.

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