Turning 27

Disclaimer: This post acts as a backup restore for my old blog.

It’s 2015 and It’s been 26 and few months since I was born.
Here’s how I summarize my life:

Before prep school [1-9] years old

  1. Some happy childhood memories and memories from KG with my elder brother
  2. Few teachers [My English teachers, Islamic Religion teacher , Music teacher]
  3. Very few friends.
  4. My mom.
  5. Death of my mom.الله يرحمها
  6. My Malaysian friends.[1- 9] years old.
  7. AlNasr Mosque and memorizing Quraan with Sheikh Shabaan.

[10-14] years old.

  1. My Prep. school الأميرية بنين
  2.  Bad friendship – أصدقاء السوء
  3. أجدع أصدقاء- Real Friendship
  4. Mr. Nader el Atafi – نادر العطافي – Maths teacher.
  5. Mr Ayman. – My English teacher / neighbor.
  6. Being real teenager grew a mustache and weird voice.
  7. Selling Jasminum on street.
  8. Getting to know my cousins more specially Mohammed Fayez and going w/ family to beach.
  9. My dad getting married and my younger brother crying.
  10. Playing soccer and fencing

[15-18] years old.

  1. العسكرية Mansoura Military school.
  2. El Droos [Private tuition].
  3. Friends (again).
  4. Last year challenge.
  5. My elder brother didn’t manage Faculty of engineering
  6. When my father hugged after knowing my score.

[18-23] years old.

  1. CAT.
  2. Complete freedom.
  3. One hell long and bad  one-sided love story.(This is what I thought back then.)
  4. My first Start-up with Ahmed Sameh.[Hosting]
  5. My First Failure.
  6. My Second Failure.
  7. My dad kicked me out of home.
  8. My first work and paid work.
  9. Being very famous and giving courses and lectures.
  10. Working from Cairo and living alone.
  11. Graduation project and Graduation.
  12. My second Start-up[Tafra]

[24-~27/now] years old.

  1. mash [mashsolvents]
  2. Abdulhamid is becoming a super web fronted developer.
  3. winning start-up weekend mansoura
  4. Knowing Reem
  5. One hell of love story with Reem.
  6. Marrying Reem
  7. Going to Turkey with Reem
  8. Working @ Vision
  9. Going to France with Eslam Farid and the great Muayyad AlSadi.

Notes: Years between 20-26 passed like 5 minutes however I’ve done enormous amount of activities in these years!

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