Python/PHP with ZK fingerprint attendance machines


If you are developing for Linux environment and If you have a task related to pulling data from a zkĀ fingerprint attendance machine / biometric device the hair pulling phase may start 1 hour – 3 hours of hopeless search.

Downloading windows SDK and reverse engineering them isn’t the solution. wireshark isn’t the solution and connecting the the shared .mdb file isn’t also a solution the right solution is to connect to the machine using UDP port 4370.

0- Backup your attendance machine data.(You may use zktimes for this step.)

1- clone this repo:

For Python:

For PHP:

2- Login to the attendance machine as admin

and set the communication key (aka communication password to 0 or empty).

3- Set the IP address to some IP (say this is the default one.

4-Connect the attendance machine to the network (ethernet most commonly)

5-Change IP:

zk = zklib.ZKLib(“″, 4370)

6- Comment this (dangerous line that clears admin):

print Pesan Clear Admin:, zk.clearAdmin()

Now, try to run the script with the machine connected to your local network.


I’ve just saved your life.

Check the file capability it should be very easy for any python programmer from here on.

Note: you may find very strange messages like “Pesan Koneksi” or use my safe English translated fork.


14 thoughts on “Python/PHP with ZK fingerprint attendance machines”

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  2. Is there any way to access it while the comm key is set to something like 123? In short, is there a way to pass the comm key in the connect function? Is that an available parameter?

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing AlSayedGamal/python_zklib,this has helped us a lot. We would like to know if you have any upgrades or any solution for python 3. The above version works for python 2.7. We are currently using odoo 11 and this does not work any more.It works fine for odoo 10. Please let us know how you could support us on this.

    Thank you !



    1. I don’t maintain this repo any more but upgrading to python 3.0 can be a great addition I’ll see if I can make it next weekend.
      I strongly recommend that you add it as an issue to the repo.
      Sorry for late reply :O

  4. Good afternoon, I need to communicate with zkteco device using TCP protocol but your code is using UDP. How do i do that using TCP protocol ? Thank you

    1. I’m not aware of any other technique to TCP communication other than the HTTP protocol web interface they have in some versions but I don’t think that this will work for all versions.

  5. Hi AlSayedGamal, I’m trying out the python code but having errors regarding the unicodeDecoder. And also the code was not able to display the attendance. Pls advice.

    1. Can you please, your issue on the repo I’ll be glad to check it and let you know what’s wrong with it.

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